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Ok, ok, here’s another cool thing coming at your for SPX 2014

I know that you know about the super handy SPX GOOD EATS google map that rmrhodes curates for us.  That’s the place to do your pre-show research on where to grab a bite, a beer or - most importantly some coffee - come show time.

Well, this year, we’re going to do one better.  The amazingly talented yaoxiaoart has offered to create an SPX Food Illustrated Map in the style of the Taiwanese cuisine map she brought to the show last year.  

If you didn’t see that, HOT DAMN was it a lovely thing. Take a look:


I am PEE PANTS excited to see how this turns out.  We’re planning to serve  Yao’s map up as a hand out and also to create some limited edition prints of what it sure to be an exquisite piece of work!

We’re so grateful to Yao and Matt for the donation of their time and talent! 

So, here’s what we need from you - a little feedback. 

Let us know what places you love best within a walk or short drive of SPX.  We’ll compile them all and pick the most popular for the map.  We’ve got room for about a dozen with an expanded list on the back.

Got a suggestion?  Drop it right here!  <———-«

And thanks!  


More awesomeness from .@yaoxiaoart yaoxiaoart



Oh, it’s on, y’all!  

The SPX 2014 Tumblr Meet-Up is a Go!

For the third year in a row SPX is hosting a Tumblr meet-up to kick off day two of the Small Press Expo!

WHEN: Sunday September 14th, 11AM (1 hour before showtime).

WHERE: Downstairs, right outside the White Flint Auditorium.

WHO SHOULD COME: Exhibitors, attendees, folks just passing through!

FULL VENUE DETAILS: Get the whole shebang at spxpo.com.

No need to buy a ticket to SPX to attend the Meet-Up but we certainly hope you’ll stay and enjoy the show!

We’ll have - in limited quantities - stickers and buttons, coffee and vittles, not to mention limited edition prints available for the taking!

Got comics, minis, zines or baked goods you’d like to share or trade? This’ll be a great place to do it, or just chat it out before the opening of the show.

Last year we had something like 90 people RSVP and over a hundred take part in the Meet-Up.  An awesome turnout, but there are something like 50,000 of you following us here - I hope you all can make it!  

Our thanks to the Tumblr staff for all the lurve and support!

Help us spread the word!